Plastic spoon lamp tutorial

Plastic spoon lamp tutorial - Almost everyone has used a plastic spoon to eat, sometimes we throw it in the trash because it was no longer useful. When in fact we can wash it or utilize a plastic spoon by recycling plastic spoon it into an antique lamp.

Discard the plastic and buried in the ground is very dangerous for the environment, because they are not biodegradable. Aware of the importance of protecting the environment, good items that are not used recycled materials used to make it more useful. On this occasion I invite you how to make lamp of unused plastic spoon, and more useful than we throw it into the trash.

Supplies and tools we use in making lamp of a plastic spoon

Glue gun
Sharp, cutting knife

Supplies / ingredients:

Plastic spoons
Lamp with a cable
Big, plastic bottle

First, as always prepare all tools and supplies to start your project of a Plastic Spoon Lamp.

Plastic spoon lamp tutorial 1

Using sharp cutting knife, cut out the big hole in the bottom of a plastic bottle.

Plastic spoon lamp tutorial 2

Before you start this step, prepare the glue gun (turn it on) and cut the handles of all your spoons. When the glue is hot, start gluing your spoon to the bottle as shown on the picture

Plastic spoon lamp tutorial 3

Now it is time to make a collar for the bottleneck to cover it. Glue the couple of spoons together the way it is shown on the picture, then stick it to the bottle so that it fully covers the neck.

Plastic spoon lamp tutorial 4

Put the cable through the bottle inside, install a lightbulb and now just find the right place to hang your Plastic Spoon Lamp.

Plastic spoon lamp tutorial 5

It looks gorgeous when it is dark and modern during the day

Plastic spoon lamp tutorial 6

Here are examples of some variation Spoon Lamp the other, those who want to try a variety of challenges to create your own unique models Spoon Lamp and artistic.

unique models Spoon Lamp and artistic

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