Especially for Women Knitted Breast Cancer

Knitted Breast Cancer

To increase the confidence of the cancer patients who have undergone surgical removal of the breast, Kay Coombes, from England working on a unique idea, which is made ​​of knitted cotton lightweight breast form.

In 2011 ago, Coombes had to undergo a mastectomy to remove the cancer in her breast. "After a double mastectomy, I had a lot of free time due to time off work for a while. I also participate in the online community of cancer as well as knitting.'s Where I was inspired to knit this book from America, it turns out they sent it for free," he said.

Combers explained that the second pair of artificial breasts it feels comfortable to wear and does not hurt when it touches the skin, especially in the area of ​​the operation scar. Any size can be customized upon request.

Use of this knitted breasts stay tucked into the bra, so that from the outside it will look like a normal breast shape.

This type of artificial breasts had already popular in America. Now, Kay in collaboration with groups from the land of Uncle Sam knitter donate a knitted breast free of charge for women who suffer from breast cancer in the UK.

"The knitted breasts are very nice as an alternative, especially for reasons of convenience. In hot weather still feels comfortable as 100 percent pure cotton. It also will not make you sweat like when using a clone of silicone breast," said one of the women who joined knitter in the community.

Now, in the UK, there are 600 people who are members of the knitting group, with 50 other women served to knit the breast. "This is a wonderful gift from one woman to another woman, especially from my standpoint because I've been in the same situation and have made ​​personally for other women," he continued.
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