Kelom Geulis Unique Handmade Sandals From Tasikmalaya

Unique Handmade

Kelom Geulis taken from Sundanese language is the language of Tasikmalaya (West Java) Indonesia, which means it is a gorgeous wooden sandals. In Central Java there is also this kind of sandals made ​​of wood known as clogs. Sundanese women may have been familiar with these clogs. Geulis clogs women usually used for event celebration or other formal events. Women who wear Kelom Geulis will look more graceful, beautiful, and charming.

Traits that make Kelom Geulis be unique and attractive is because sandals imi mahogany or albizia with engraving, embroidery, painting and batik motif Tasikmalaya and created manually using the human hand.

Formerly Kelom Geulis form is still uniform but now many innovations of the craftsman Kelom Geulis has created various shapes and motifs are more varied and interesting. To make the first Geulis Kelom mahogany or albizia cut and then shaved so shaped footwear, trimmed with machetes, then dried with dried under the hot sun.

Subsequently, the dried material clogs smoothed using grinding, so that the wood fibers visible. Materials Kelom Geulis then given a basic paint. Giving primer is intended to eliminate the pores of the wood. Further material Kelom Geulis painted by spraying. Geulis Kelom material that has been painted and then dried. Once dried, the material formed Kelom Geulis so it looks more beautiful. As the binder to the foot, Kelom Geulis given rope. Various types of straps made ​​specifically for this Geulis Kelom.

Kelom Geulis the Tasikmalaya handicrafts is not only favored by local residents, but it has become one of the commodities export to Southeast Asia, Panama, Korea, Japan, Africa, the Middle East, and parts of Europe.
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